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    We look after you old equipment and find it a new home.

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Yes. We make a payment for vehicles including your unwanted, old, rusted and damaged Forklift Trucks. We are in the business of recycling metal, parts and vehicles. We buy scrap metal and vehicles for money and then recycle the metal and parts for future use.

No, the condition does not matter. We accept Forklifts in any condition. We remove all Forklifts and vehicles in any condition. If your car is rusted, damaged, falling apart, rolling, running, burned or smashed then call us and arrange collection. Sometimes the vehicles are stuck and buried. We have specialised equipment to make the removal easier. No stress!

Provided its early enough, we can arrange collection on the same day you call. That said, we can always schedule a time that suits you and your diary. When a wrecked vehicle is extra large or it’s really buried and stuck, we might have to arrange specialised transport and recovery equipment. This can take up to 48 hours to arrange.

Yes. We remove any commercial vehicle including vans, utes, trucks, trailers, flat-beds, military vehicles, cars, trams, buses, bulldozers, earth moving equipment and even trains. Sometimes this can require specialised equipment and may take a little longer to arrange. Speak to us today about the commercial vehicle that you need removed.

No. We do not charge for the collection of your vehicles. If the vehicle is difficult to remove or very heavy to transport we will require specialised equipment. The cost of this equipment will affect your payment. You will never be charged for removal. Call us today and let’s talk!

By selling your unwanted Forklifts to Scrappy’s you help reduce the amount of landfill and lower the demand for new parts. Old parts can be reused, metal can be sold and the remaining metal salvaged. Having your old vehicles removed by a professional yard saves the environment, is safer for your staff and reduces the impact on the community. Just makes more sense all ’round!

We service most metropolitan areas and outlying suburbs in Melbourne. We have listed some suburbs on our ‘Service Areas’ page, but this is only a small indication. Call our team to discuss your needs.

For most removals you get your payment when we collect your unwanted or damaged vehicle. If you have a complicated removal job then payment can be collected immediately after we receive the items at our yard. Rest assured our reputation is faultless and you are guaranteed of your payment fast!

Yes. We can collect multiple Forklifts and any other metal or automobile parts. We pay you money for each vehicle. Large numbers can take a few extra days to arrange and transport however, any reasonable request can be accommodated. Talk to our team about your exact requirements.

We have been in the scrap metal business for over 30 years. We incorporated into a company in 2009 and have worked from our yard and head office in Sunshine for over four years.

Not seeing what you were looking for? Get in contact with us -- we can discuss the goals you have for your projects and see how we can help you.

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Scrappys Forklifts is based in Melbourne's West. We service most suburbs throughout Melbourne's western metro area. We do not charge for travel. We are happy to consider any vehicle and any location.